Northern Lakes Rescue

Northern Lakes Rescue is a 501(c)(3) FOSTER HOME BASED rescue. We do NOT have our dogs in a single shelter. NLR is an organization run by several volunteers that work hard everyday to help save dogs not only here in Minnesota shelters, reservations, and owner surrenders, but also in Texas, including strays on the streets of Houston, Chained Dogs of Houston, and high-kill shelters (a number of which come to the rescue being heartworm positive).

Northern Lakes Rescue not only rescues dogs, but also focuses on helping people in need, donating food and supplies to low-income shelters, and assisting owners that need help keeping their current dogs.

Show The Love

Our volunteers devote the time and work necessary for these dogs to be rehabilitated and
able to live a happy life with loving families.


Skip a cappuccino

  • Food for our dogs
  • Basic supplies


Pass on the movies

  • Dog toys
  • Flea & tick medicine


Stay in for dinner

  • Buys life-saving medication
  • Treatment for special needs

Our Featured Dogs


Sweet girl needs home of her own!

Terrier - American Pit Bull & Terrier - American Staffordshire

Sweet sweet fuzzy pitato loves all the loves!

Terrier - American Staffordshire & Shepherd - Australian

Sweet and social this boy just wants your affection!

Terrier - American Pit Bull & Dad Is the Milkman

Shy silly puppy needs a exceptional owner with a dog or two. Could this be you?

Australian Cattle & Terrier - American Staffordshire

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