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Hi! My name is Bellatrix and I will easily win over your heart! With my big ears, green eyes, and excited wiggle butt, you are sure to find your furever friend in me 💞 I am an over the top dog enthusiast! I love to lick faces of big dogs I meet so they know that I'm friendly and not a threat, but sometimes other dogs dont like their face licked so my mom will tell me when I need to chill out 🥰 I live with 2 cats, and 1 of my littermates, my foster moms 2 adult dogs, one large and one medium sized, and 1 kid age 11. I LOVE KIDS! And I am outgoing with humans that I'm meeting for the first time as well. I've never met a dog I havent liked- big or small- I just love them all! My foster mom says I'm spunky, fun & playful when I'm awake 😃 but I'm still growing so I take lots of naps during the day too. I go to puppy preschool with my temporary mom and I have a blast with all my friends there!!! I know my name and will come when called and know how to sit. I sleep in my kennel and have my meals in there. Potty training is going pretty good, if my foster mom watches me- she knows when I need to go outside. Sometimes I whine at the door once I figure which door my Mom sends me outside to go potty, but sometimes I forget to whine or am busy playing to remember that I gotta go outside... My mom gives me high praise lately and says I'm almost completely potty trained! I can tell shes happy about that 😁

  • Shepherd & Mix 
  • Female
  • Baby (12/10/2021) - Estimated
  • 21 - 30 Pounds
  • Brown and White
  • 425.00 + tax
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