Hi! My Name Is Copper

We're happy to tell you that Copper has a new furever home.
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Copper came to us super timid and has an anxious personality. He took awhile to come to his foster mom finally recognizing her as someone to trust, as long as there was another dog around. If there was no other dog around, Copper stayed far away giving the stink eye.
Finding solace in his foster sister Sophie, she became his "therapy dog" and taught him how to dog.
Heart worm positive, Copper went through treatment like a brave boy.
Copper has separation anxiety requiring medication. He gets himself so worked up that he has seizures when kenneled alone for more than 3 hours. Sophie has been his saving grace as she allows him to kennel with her and keeps his stress levels down and only will he have seizures on a more stressful day for him. We are monitoring his seizures and because of this, his anxiety and his social awkwardness with new people (he is not a fan) he is a forever foster!
As you can see fromĀ  his pictures, he is a super happy boy with a silly side. He is very gentle with everything and reserves kisses for special times only. All affection is on his terms.
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