Hi! My Name Is Frenchy

I'm Available
Frenchy is shy and timid, fearful of new situations and people, but given space to accept visitors on his own terms he will come slowly to sniff and greet.
Frenchy is a total Lover once he trusts you and likes to lay on the couch beside you and snore away.
Frenchy is crate and house trained, is getting used to the leash, he needs to have another leash trained dog to walk with him so his fear of new sounds and places take the back seat to his love of walking, but as he progresses he will definitely have the courage to do this on his own with continuous encouragement, patience and lots of love to motivate him to be the amazing dog he could be.
Franky gets along great with other lower key dogs, very busy dogs make him anxious.
It is unknown about cats but with his personality being as it is I think Franky would be accepting of a cat in the home.
Franky also would do best with a role model brother or sister to keep him on track, and help to show him that humans can be amazing and love him unconditionally.
Franky would be better in a home with a fenced yard, but if you are committed to an exercise regime for him it wouldn't be a necessity.
Franky is VERY food motivated.
He is highly intelligent, gentle and oh so sweet!!
Children in the home should be of an age where they understand his fear and shyness, so no children under the age of 10.
I totally love the gentle boy with his big ❤
Are you that special family for him??💞😍
Franky is waiting for you!💓
  • Pinscher - Doberman  & Mix 
  • Male
  • Puppy (7-24 Months) (03/03/2021)
  • 41 - 50 Pounds
  • Beige
  • Gentle and Friendly
  • I Like Kids Over 10
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats
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