Hi! My Name Is Lady

We're happy to tell you that Ladyhas a new furever home.
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Top of the Morning to ya, My name is Lady or as my foster sister calls me Ma’lady and my awesome foster Mama found me as a stray. I REALLY love kids. My little foster bother is just under 2 and he lays on me and cuddles with me all the time. I like to lick his face. I enjoy my cuddle time with the humans. I share a household with 2 other dogs. I wasn’t too nice at the beginning and I was very uncomfortable,  but you see I had this injury to my right shoulder, and it made me limp and caused sores. Now that I went through surgery to have it amputated and its healed, I have warmed up to my doggy roommates. Ones even a puppy who does not care where he walks but it does not bother me. My foster Mama says I am an absolute loveable dog and I have overcome a lot of obstacles. She thinks that I could use some more training with basic commands like, and leash etiquette. I like squirrels and get excited about them and try to take off after them forgetting that I have this human attached to me. My foster Mom has taught me that playing with other dogs and toys is fun and that I do not have to try to fend anyone off. She taught me that I can in fact let go of a ball and still get to play with it. She also showed me these things called bones! Do you know what they are?? I do and I do not like letting go of them. I will for a treat though! She says that I need someone who is going to understand that I have 3 legs and sometimes my situation is different then dogs with 4. I potty outside, I whine and nudge you and act weird when I must go outside to go potty. After every car ride, I must go potty and foster mom knows that, so we plan extra time. I love having my kennel open to me. Its my safe space, I sleep comfortably in there at nighttime with no problem. However, whenever my humans leave me, I get very vocal so I probably should live in an apartment as neighbors may not adore that side of me. I like doggy companions, but I need slow introductions because I'm not sure what to think of the other doggy until I get to know them. I really enjoy playing and running in circles. I’m actually faster than the 4-legged dogs in this house, I love to be active, but I go both ways. I can sleep all day on my foster mom’s lap while she works then when she is off, we play tug a war my foster brother and sister, we go outside in the snow. I am a very loyal and protective pup. I watch over the house and do not really care for rando’s walking by the house. However, When I am out on daily runs to drop the kiddos off at daycare, I love saying hi and getting petted by other people.   Lady's adoption fee is $375 which covers her spay, vaccinations, microchip and any additional medical care she may have needed while in the rescue’s care.  We are a foster based rescue, we do not house dogs at a facility. Age and breed, are NLR's best guess as we often don't know who or what mom and dad are. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an application on our website