Hi! My Name Is Shorty

We're happy to tell you that Shortyhas a new furever home.
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Hi to all those Shorties out there!😅

We are in the same boat!!
But thank goodness I'm good at paddling!😂
I am a laid back dog that just wants to be loved!!
Some bad things happened to me so I am timid and fearful when we first meet, also kinda hand shy too so please be slow and gentle with me. No yelling or loud noises.
I'm sure after awhile I won't be so darn fearful of being hurt as I do latch on quickly when I realize you mean me no harm.
I am house trained, just make sure you open that door when I get your attention!
I enjoy to be cuddled and loved on, I am super on my walks and I embrace the outdoors! 
I am good in my crate but my foster mom doesn't crate me as I am so well behaved in the house.
I would do best with no other dog in the home as I tend to get jeoulous of attention.
I am just starved for love and don't know how to share my human yet!😳
I am doing good with the other 6 dogs here of various sizes but would rather be the one and only except a kitten would maybe be a good idea!😛
My foster mom thinks I have Corgi/Dachsund and Beagle mixed in my gene pool!
I kinda like that idea, all are very intelligent dogs!!
I think I would do fine in apartment living or my own home in the 'burbs'.
I definitely need to get my walks in though so be prepared for your 2x a day exercise regime!! I think I would prefer older children, as in teens, or best scenario is retired folks that are still very active!!
I know if I find the family of my dreams that I will be totally devoted to you lifelong.😘😍🌹PLEASE PICK ME!!
With anticipation of our meeting,