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Spudster (a.k.a. Hope) is a beautiful pup that is a cattle dog mix, which means she has bounds of energy and loads of love to give. A few of her favorite activities include going for walks multiple times a day whether it be to go potty, or just for exercise. Hope loves having a tennis ball tossed around, but she hasn’t quite mastered the process of dropping it to be thrown again. Hope loves her stuffies, including a giant caterpillar stuffy, and loves having bones to chew on. She is a big snuggle bug who loves to cuddle up with you in a recliner while stretched out across your legs, or stretched out next to you on the couch, or curled up between your legs in bed while using your leg as a pillow. Hope absolutely loves going on long walks on trails, sniffing and exploring everything this big world has to offer. If there’s tall grass, you can bet on it that she’ll be running through it then do a “crash and burn” in the grass, then she’ll get up and do the zoomies again. Hope is a social butterfly who loves every person she meets, she wiggles from her head to the tip of her tail, and gives kisses like no tomorrow. She loves to be outside and run around with the zoomies. Hope is currently working on kennel training and is doing very well, and we are also working on her recall when she is outside running around or in the house being “sneaky” with her cute little sniffer. Hope is doing great with potty training with a continuous routine of going potty after waking up from a nap, roughly 30mins to an hour after eating/drinking, and every other hour for regular potty breaks when she’s playing. Hope would make a fantastic family member to an active family that explores the outdoors, since she loves being outside as much as possible while running and playing in the grass, or stretching out in the grass to chew on a stick. Hope is an amazing puppy and will keep you entertained with her hilarious facial expressions.

  • Australian Cattle & Boxer 
  • Female
  • Baby (05/22/2022) - Estimated
  • 21 - 30 Pounds
  • Minnesota
  • Active and Playful
  • I Like All Kids
  • I Like All Dogs
  • $425.00
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