Meet Our Team

Kayla Kroll - Vetting Manager


Why. I. Rescue. I rescue so that when I look back on my life, I will know I made a difference in the lives of those that cannot do for themselves.  Alone, we can feel like we can't do enough - but as a team we can move mountains and we know it's life changing for the furry little souls we rescue.  BONUS - how awesome is it to get to meet twelve million billion puppies?!?!  

Amy Martin – Foster Manager

Why I rescue…  I have been a volunteer with a couple rescues since May of 2014. Since then my family and I have fostered and helped adopt out over 80 dogs – out of all of them we have only adopted two of our fosters, Raji and Daisi and I have a 10 year old dog named Rue. Everyone that knows me knows that I love rat terriers and chihuahuas. I have had Ratties all my life! I enjoy helping process applications and watching the dogs go to their forever homes, I love being a voice for the voiceless. 

I grew up on a farm north of Foley and have always loved animals. I met my husband in 1990 when I was in junior in high school. We have 2 boys, Spencer who is 13 and Gavin who is 10. They both enjoy outdoor activities and dirt biking. In 2013 we bought a second home in the UP of Michigan, we are avid snowmobilers in the winter and love to ride 4- wheeler’s in the summer. I have worked at my current job for 22 years at a cabinet shop and I milk cows part time on the weekends. 

I have met so many great people in rescue that I can truly call my friends! We are in this for the same reason, to save the animals! Together WE Save!

Jessie Welsh - Assistant Training / Orientation Manager

Why I rescue...  Almost 10 years ago I was able to rescue my very own dog, Harley was from a shelter. He is one of the best things to ever happen to me and I couldn’t imagine my life without him! Harley is a large reason I wanted to become a foster and help other dogs.

I started fostering almost a year ago. Growing up I have always loved and wanted to help animals. For the last several years I had wanted to foster, but it just wasn’t the right time until now. 

 I joined NLR because we have an amazing village of people who all strive for the same purpose and would do anything to save a life!

Britany Warren - Vetting Coordinator / Foster Coordinator

I chose to get involved with NLR because they are an organization who genuinely puts the dogs first and do everything in their power to give these animals a better life. Fostering has always been something I have wanted to do because dogs are my passion and I believe they all deserve a chance at happiness. This life would not be what it is without all of my fur babies, so I'm just doing what I can to pay it forward for them.

Melissa Brown - Foster Coordinator

 Hi my name Melissa. I find working with dogs very rewarding. I grew up having dogs in my life and always found them to be great companions. I decided to join a rescue so I could do more to help, after my children grew up. I am very happy when a foster dog finds the perfect home. I can see the joy in the new families faces. It also saves that dogs life. For what ever reason that dog ended up down on their luck until they came into a rescue. I choose to volunteer with NLR because of the people (other volunteers) who believe everything should be about helping the dogs. and the mission "Be the voice for the voiceless animals needing help"

Abbey Piner - Foster Coordinator

We are the Piner family! Our "two legged" portion of our family consists of TJ (Dad), Abbey (Mom), Kallen (Son), and Kynlee (Daughter). Kallen and Kynlee are twins and they are 18 months old! TJ and I will be married for a year on September 28th, but we have been together for four years! Our family also consists of our two resident dogs; Ceelo (our red nose pitty boy) and Brim (our blue nose pitty girl)! Both of our fur babies were obtained by the foster to adopt program at NLR! They sleep in bed with my husband and I, they go everywhere with us, and they are just like my two legged kids in this house. We love all dogs, but like most dog owners, we have our favorite breed! Can you guess? Yep! Pitbulls are our passion, mainly because we relate to the breed so much, the are poorly judged and labeled with stereotypes that we are hoping to help the ill informed realize their true loving, forgiving, resilient, tender, snuggly, protective, nanny like, and goofy selves! 
Our family has worked with a few other rescues, but when we found NLR we felt like we found our lost family! This is most definitely the best group of "crazy dog lovers" we have ever came across. We all share a passion for this that goes deep to our cores. Our crazy passionate leaders in this rescue are truly our hero's! We look up to them and they inspire us so much! We rescue for the dogs! We save lives! Also a huge reason we chose this rescue is because the misconceptions of "what you have to have to be a good dog owner" does not pertain to this rescues guidelines, yes we are thorough and picky. But, it's about things that truly matter not about materialistic things! This is an REMARKABLE group of truly beautiful souls who all have the same goal. We would love to get to know you and watch your experience this magical life altering passion we all share. Help us help them!