Why Rescue / Ways to Help

The best answer we can give to Why Rescue? is simple: You’ll save a dog’s life. There are so many healthy, lovable dogs scheduled for euthanasia in shelters right now that it just doesn’t make sense to pay a breeder for an animal.

Meet the "Furry" People Saved


My name is Blue. I came all the way from Texas to this place called Mini-soda. My foster mom says I’m a very sweet and happy boy. I love my people and even my foster brother is coming around! I tend to pull on a leash, but I am working on it. When I see people I get very excited and jump on them to say hello! I even love to give hugs and kisses too! My favorite place to sleep is in my foster mom’s bed with my foster brother. I like to play with all kinds of toys, but I like my stuffed raccoon the best! I even drag it around the house with me sometimes. I am partially blind, but that doesn’t stop me one bit! If you met me, you probably wouldn’t know it. I also have this thing called heartworms. I heard I will be starting treatment for it very soon. Rustling bags, scissor noises, stomping and some other noises scare me. Sometimes I have lots of energy, and I like to run really, really fast in the back yard. I'm just a happy boy looking for a happy family!

Blue was our first dog we stepped up to save, I seen his video on a facebook page of him sitting right up to the door of kennel, he look helpless and scared. As I read his story and watched his video I knew he had no hope of a rescue pulling him he had three strikes, one his was a pitbull, two he was blind, and three he was heartworm positive, I didn't care if I would have to pay out of my own pocket my heartworm treatment. I cried that night I posted him. And then the next day our amazing Jessie stepped up and said get this boy to Minnesota. I cried again because not only was he our first dog we stepped up for it was then I realized that starting this rescue was real. 

Since Blue has been with us he has been amazing. He has started his heartworm treatment and had his eyes checked and the doctor isn't sure yet why Blue is partially blind ( we found out after he arrived that he wasn't completely blind like we were told) the vet did prescribe some eye drops and as you can see in the pictures Blue's eyes look better. See has problems seeing but it has improved. We are still unsure if he will get his full eye sight back but that doesn't matter because he is one amazing boy. 


Lived in a wire cage her whole life.


Tied to a pole and left.


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